Saiva Agamic Laws


It is said that Agamas were revealed as insights to rishis and yogis. These Agamas  expound the nature of the universe and associated events. It further highlights the interaction between Pathy (God), Pasu (Soul) and Pasam (Attachment).  It also elucidates the code of conduct required for an individual human being to realize his or her full potential.


They also clarify that which needs to be followed by the society. the village and country to live a holistic and meaningful existence. Agamas also disclose episodes on sculpture, art, astrology, architecture, medicine and knowledge on all matters required by human being to lead an effective and holistic in the world.


There are 28 Agamas and each is divided into Chariya, kiriya, Yoga and Jnana.  These explain the duties of human beings and how they may transcend the attachment to the body to enter other dimensions. They further explain the natureof the universe and the three Gunas (qualities Rajas. Thamas & Sathwic) of all living organisms in the universe.


agamas explain temple worship and the manner in which festivities are to be performed. According to these as much as the soul inhabits the body, God inhabitsthe temple. The comparison is made between the temple and the body where head is compared with the holy Sanctum, neck the Artha mandapam, naval the yoga mandapam and feet the Kopuram.

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