Historical Background


Nallur the capital


Nallur was the capital of Jaffna kingdom. The royal palace was constructed in Sankiliyan Thopu. Adjacent to this was the water tank called Yamunari. this spot was prominent and contained other important buildings such as the minister’s palace and Muthirai Chantai where Nallur Kandaswamy temple was built and later demolished to construct a protestant church. Remnants of these structures can still be witnessed.


Kurukkal Valavu housed the original Nallur temple and in the adjacent lands were temples for Ganesha, Shive and Shakthi. This land was occupied by God realized persons who came on pilgrimages from other parts of the island and from abroad. The Kailasa Paramparai yogis and other prominent persons roamed these lands.


Nallur was a hive of activity where literary persons, artists and poets came to entertain the King in his court. According to the cultural practices of the day, there were many religious and cultural buildings and places adjoining the temple.

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