Macrocosm & microcosm


Many learned pundits highlight the fact that the universal design, the macrocosmic design provides the blueprint for temple structures and the human physical frame. There are resemblances in the human physical frame, structure of a temple and the universe.


To explain it further, the human organism not only consists of the gross physical body but also other sheaths such as the energy body. The Chakras are energy centres situated in the energy body and the latent spiritual energy known as Gundalini energy  flows through them making them vibrant resulting in bliss and peace. These Chakras may be blocked due to physical. emotional or spiritual disturbances causing distress. The six energy centres are namely Moolatharam situated at the base of the spine, Swathishtana placed near the genitals, Manipura situated at the naval, Anahata situated in the heart, Visuddhi placed on the throat, Ajneya placed between the eyebrows and Sahasrara placed at the top of the head.


Yogis explain when Kundalini energy, coiled as a serpent at the base of the spine begins to rise & reaches the third eye or the divine eye a religious experience takes place, followed by a divine vision which comes about as a result of devotion to the deity. Hence temples are also constructed in such a manner as to enable the microcosm the human body to unite with the macrocosm the universe through worship.

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